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SKYWARD is a diversified aviation consulting firm based in the United Arab Emirates. Our services are available anywhere in the world to aviation-related entities that have a need for professional planning, training, and advice on dealing with a multitude of aviation issues. Our team includes highly-trained  experts skilled in aerospace and Aviation, airport landing and Handling, Over flight permits, Aircraft Sales and leasing, Maintenance and Inspection, business plan and aviation related financing. We provide technical assistance for improving airspace management, noise mitigation, capacity, and efficiency. We are motivated and dedicated professionals who are "solutions" oriented.

Skyward offers a comprehensive package of services, including consultation, negotiation & acquisition, customization/outfitting and pre&post acquisition support.

Focusing on a particular market segment creates a broader and deeper pool of knowledge than can otherwise be tapped at the more generic consultancies or aircraft brokerages.

Access to privileged non-market information ensures optimized aircraft selection and advantageous pricing.

Guidance on prepurchase inspection strategy, advice on offer/contract technical language and other related documentation.

Negotiated warranty terms and conditions for new aircraft deliveries.